Gaurang's Thoughts

Population density and its effect on economy

Years ago, I got curious about a thought, why Mumbai (being my favourite cities) is a land of opportunities and dreams. 

One of the conclusions of my random thoughts was that because it is so dense with millions of people around, no one can starve really if one provides some kind of value, even if that's to sell a thing as small as a Vada Pav. 

As the cities are now growing vertically, at a single point, as a service provider/ product seller, you will have masses to pitch and sell your services to. That would result in potentially huge influx of revenue and the pursuit of your entrepreneurial journey would get a wind and direction. 

What do you think could be other reasons for dense cities to flourish more? 

Remembering Jagriti Yatra 2013 days

Jagriti Yatra is one of the most events in India that brings ~450 brightest minds along in a train that runs for 14 days across India, giving a glimpse of how large and beautiful our nation is, how people belonging to varied cultures live. 

I spotted this chart during my journey which one of the participants had made. It truly captured the essence of Jagriti Yatra and also the countless memories that we all had made together.


Transmissions system model that we made in DTU / DCE Fest in 2011


This was the winning model : 

Below is the model that we worked on.

Movies I liked

Movies I liked so far:

Den of Thieves - Excellent Movie. Movie is about cops chasing the bad guys.

Adrift - I love sea and water - a romantic movie which ended up with a tragedy. 


From where did I start my journey?

In around 2008, I purchased the first domain called which I bought to create an education portal teaching PHP, Web designing and other related technologies. I was a first year college student then and the memories is what I cherish now. 

In matter of few months, I got hundreds of registrations then and I did upload many tutorials on it. Later on, thanks to my perpetual chase for shining balls, I switched to other projects and quite let it go.


Learning - if you are getting some success in your gig, pursue it more and exploit all opportunities. Make best use of your time and stick around for a long haul.