Gaurang's Thoughts

Traits of successful humans

There are certain traits that you must imbibe in order to become the best version of yourself. I have collated few after watching countless videos, reading blogs/ books. 

1. Throw heart and head into things that you do. It should become a joy, a calling and passion. Seeing things as that will enjoy that you are immersed and will become successful. Also help others rise. Pepsi CEO

2. Learn how to connect dots - how to map the route to where you want to be and start taking baby steps towards it. 


Email marketing is cheap and works well but is risky

Emails are riskier than social - social posts can be deleted, edited but emails once gone can’t be revoked and if god forbid if those were sent to thousands - it will just get crazier

Understanding deep and tech


Trying to understand the technology in depth doesn’t matter if it takes days or weeks or even months

Believe in something greatly and then work 15 hours a day 0 figuring out the things you absolutely are passionate about. just do it and keep on doing it. 


When you take a backup, make your priority to download the backup file

At times we decide to stop using a web service, therefore, we export the personal data out of the service. If you are on the same path, when you are submitting the request for backup, for the coming hours, make it your ultimate priority to download the backup file from the service providers' portal - maybe twice if it is really important so that the data isn't lost. Most service provider keeps the backup file for a week or less so it is critical for the user to download the backup data before that.

A year back, I decided to move on from Notion and I submitted the request for a backup file. Somehow I forgot to download the backup file and few months only I realized that I had to download that. The data was gone forever. 


Lesson from Mozilla Thunderbird

One of the major lessons that I have learned from using Mozilla Thunderbird is to never undo any action done in Mozilla Thunderbird. Mainly when you are moving emails from one account to another. You most likely would lose your previous emails.