Gaurang's Thoughts


When you have got your fundamentals wrong in the business, the mistakes made are sometimes unforgivable.


when ego emerges in business, everything else falls apart.

Skills to be in great demand in coming years

According to McKinsey Global Institute, top skills which would be in demand by 2030 are Writing and Critical thinking, Technological skills like programming, training AI Systems, Social or “Soft skills. Automation is happening across all industries and therefore demand for manual labor will reduce over time and therefore present workforce must start upskilling themselves now. 

Oneplus charger doesn't charge the old iPad somehow

I was trying to charge my 2012 iPad using the Oneplus charger but seems like iPad doesn't support it. 

I tried with 2 OnePlus charger and its nada. 

Although randomly it works with the cable. Could be the USB connector issue of the OnePlus charger as when I plug the USB part into other chargers, it starts charging the iPad. 

Interesting case for me. 

To Learn

Learning is beautiful and we all must perpetually learn things which we always wanted to and explore what we don't know that we should learn. 

Some of the things that I want to learn and eventually master are:

  • Learning the art of manual focusing. Developing the eye for that.
  • Learning the eyes for detail - tact focused images.