Gaurang's Thoughts

Celebrating the credit seekers

There are people who loves to steal the credit of hard workers. And these very people are celebrated by those who shares the trait. Evils. #WorkEthics #Ethics

thoughts about reading

Reading changes a person inside out. Unknowingly so many behavioral changes happen to us, reading good things changes our mood too. All great leaders are readers.

Books to read

The Innovator's Dilemma

How to Create Products Customers Love

Thoughts to live by

  • Never negotiate on how much you can save someone but how much you can help them earn. Earning takes precedence.

Business lessons - Virgin Cola

But the main reason Virgin Cola failed was we didn’t follow our own rules: at Virgin, we only enter industries when we think we can offer consumers something strikingly different, but there wasn’t really an opportunity to do that in the soft drinks sector. n the modern world, there can be no profit without a well-defined purpose.