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On writing - Read somewhere

Art of communicating is in writing and not in typing. Writing activates your senses, you can connect with content and characters more than while you type. That’s the secret sauce of thousands of greatest writers who have ever lived. 


FAT32 disk throws error while copying 7GB File?

FAT32 is one of the most popular disk partitions available and supported by large majority of computers, Smart TVs. But as the size of movies are increasing, there will be certain limitations that will be faced.

I was trying to copy a 7GB movie file to a Pen Drive which had FAT32 partition and it failed repeatedly. So I checked the disk partition and it was the nice old FAT32 which is a legency one. Now we use exFAT which supports file sizes of larger sizes -- and when I formatted and used the exFAT disk format, it worked like charm. So always remember that whenever you are facing issues in copying files of large sizes.

quotes and thoughts I live by

Wisdom is often encapsulated in nuggets - a line of which can be expanded into a thousand pages long literature.

Following are the thoughts I live by.

- Dullest pencil will always remember more than the sharpest mind.

Missing link between engagement and revenue

Missing link between engagement and revenue 

Things I learnt from the book by gurubaksh chahal

  • Get rid of things which adds discomfort to your life.
  • You don’t need anything significance to show importance focus on your strengths and keep on working on them.
  • Always deliver more than asked, surprise your customer.
  • Down work time on called - work a next big project after immediate success or failure.
  • Love your family - take care of them.
  • Innovate and sell services perpetually.
  • Book is definitely worth a purchase to get one ring order now by clicking.
  • To write something you research from all resources and then aggregate and present.
  • Learn how great people deal with people.
  • Book grows - write a chapter.
  • Things just start stacking up.