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Getting out of Debt - Inspired by a discussion between professors of Imperial College , London

India and United Kingdom had a history. Not the pleasant one, but whatever we had with them, it left us with knowledge, infrastructure, lesser geographical area and unpleasant experience (for many). But exactly how did Britishers managed to rule was, showed how vulnerable we were. All the vulnerabilities were exploited to the extent that, greatest devastation / massacre happened during rule. But since Britishers managed to rule major part of the world at some point of time, there isn't any doubt about their patriotism (which we Indians lack) and intelligence (their strategic victories explains this very well), their historical documentation is rich, and their rich economy thanks to perpetual invasion and transfer of wealth. There were times when even United Kingdom was under debt (most countries are deeply in debt which eventually makes them fulfil demands of the lending countries). India is said to be under debt of about 150 Billion USD, which happens to be about over 15% of our GDP.

So what are the ways by which India's economy can be stabilised, level of debts be decreased so as to empower Indian economy? I was listening to an interview of a professor of Imperial College , London . He explains how Great Britain managed to get out of debt, what historial events impacted the growth of UK's economy . To be continued ..