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How to redirect one domain to another without affecting your other DNS records ?

Suppose you are having a domain name ( ) and now you redirect all the traffic coming to the old website to the new website. If you will simply forward the domain then the DNS records will get messed up and MX records won't be preserved. While the alternative way is to make it happen programmatically. We can use following ways to achieve the desired result : 1. PHP script :

There are other ways as well which will be updated shortly.


Values are relative. as in something which is very valuable for someone may hold minimal value for someone else.
Which means that we need to identify the ones which perspect maximum value for item or service in which one is dealing or else the one will keep on struggling in attracting business and eventually making a sale.
Do you agree or disagree to agree ?

Mythical program(mer)

There are times when non-technical people ( mostly ) or some over confident programmers for that matter, assume programming to be easy and that the program can be easily written. But the hidden complexity of the software is actually way beyond the estimated.
Ideating for application is very easy but giving it actual existence takes lots of pain. And that pain is discovered when actual work is started on the development side.

So when a complex program is assumed to be easy, its a event of Simple Matter of Programming.

To know more about it :

Thoughts related to Steve Jobs

While leading Apple, co-founder Steve Jobs learned a thing or two about failure. Dismal sales of the Apple III and its follow-up -- a computer Jobs pushed for called LISA -- caused Apple to lose nearly half its market to rival IBM in the early 1980s.

"Sometimes the market, the people [and] the idea aren't right but you have to move on, [and] try again," Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell says of Jobs. Bushnell was a longtime mentor to Jobs. "If you lose a game of chess, you still set up the game and go at it again," he says.