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My learning framework

We consume a lot of information on daily basis and quite often it isn't retained much, effectively wasting all your efforts and precious time. Therefore we much primarily focus on topics/ information which is going to help us in long term and is retained well for longer period of time.

For that purpose, the concept of spaced repetition comes handy.

Also, the way we learn differs. Knowledge is consumed easily through watching videos than by reading books while reading books gives you more deeper knowledge and sticks with you for longer period of time.

Therefore, as of now, my learning framework which I can think of, will have watching video tutorials on the topic I am interested in, make notes of those, practice a bit and practice a bit more after few hours.

After that, read blogs and books on the topic to reinforcement and deepen the learning and practice after few days to weeks and further months to retain the new learning and using the knowledge in day to day life to ensure that returns are fetched from the investment of your efforts and time.

More thoughts to follow and please leave your comment.

Taking notes by writing vs typing

I have taken over 10K notes in last 9 years and this is what I do -- I take a lot of hand-written notes and then I type down everything -- I believe it reinforces everything for me as I do the latter after a few days.

And thank you all for sharing such insightful comments.

Chase freedom

Chasing freedom!

This Is What It Takes to Be in the 1% Around the World

Question your theories and thought process. Find flaws in them.

Meeting your #YouTube subscriber in real life is such as delightful experience.

Meeting your #YouTube subscriber in real life is such as delightful experience.
The story:
It was a random conversation which I cracked at Puncture wala shop with one Uncle who was getting his Car's tyre fixed. Since I had to wait for 10-20 mins, I just asked a question and went on talking. He had his youtube channel too which I subscribed and he asked for my channel and I told him mine. It turned out that he was already a subscriber and he told me that he watched couple of my reviews of Harrier.
Takeaway: Every single subscribers count/ likes count matters -- they aren't the bots but real humans interacting with you through this beautiful medium called THE INTERNET.

From where to find great ideas for your content?

In the times of content marketing, it has become prudent to keep on writing high quality content. Then the question arises, from where can you get some kickass content ideas?

Some of the sources from where I get my content ideas are:
2. Stackoverflow - Mostly tech
3. Google Trends
4. trending hashtags
6. Travel and talk to strangers
7. Talk to your existing customers (if you have them)
8. Scout for ideas in Newspapers and magazines
9. Search on Forums related to your niche/ industry/ product
10. Google auto completes the queries which can be an interesting source
11. Attend webinars, conferences and check their schedules -- often the content is brand new and is for the future.
12. Follow Management Consulting firms as they have large research departments for this very purpose.
13. Check reports by research organisations such as Gartner for Tech, MorningStar likes for Finance.

Leave a comment sharing your top idea sources.