Gaurang's Thoughts

The Teams and taking ownership of everything that you do

Taking ownership of everything that we do is prudent to be a good leader. One must feel the sense of responsibility and do whatever it takes to meet with them.

There's an excellent book about it called Extreme Ownership that covers this topic very well -- in how SEAL Teams operates, how's their mind-set. 

When you are a leader, you take the responsibility of the entire project, all its stakeholders including the TEAM, the project's success and failure. The success of the project may depends on you, but the failure definitely is on you. 

Critical element of leadership is the team as without the team, there is no leadership. 

Great leaders are often silent profesionals and seek/ chase no recognition. 


How to produce well?

The challenge is to also keep it tight, as Tim Washer, who produces video for Cisco, espouses. That means clarity, brevity, and utility. : “Start with empathy. Continue with utility. Improve with analysis. Optimize with love.”

duty of marketers

#Writing takes a phenomenal amount of effort. It then becomes the duty of #marketers to market it well so that more eyeballs get to the #content. Largely, the content creates receives the minuscule amount of potential audience.

#digitalmarketing #contentmarketing

Celebrating the credit seekers

There are people who loves to steal the credit of hard workers. And these very people are celebrated by those who shares the trait. Evils. #WorkEthics #Ethics

thoughts about reading

Reading changes a person inside out. Unknowingly so many behavioral changes happen to us, reading good things changes our mood too. All great leaders are readers.