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quotes and thoughts I live by

Wisdom is often encapsulated in nuggets - a line of which can be expanded into a thousand pages long literature.

Following are the thoughts I live by.

- Dullest pencil will always remember more than the sharpest mind.

Missing link between engagement and revenue

Missing link between engagement and revenue 

Things I learnt from the book by gurubaksh chahal

  • Get rid of things which adds discomfort to your life.
  • You don’t need anything significance to show importance focus on your strengths and keep on working on them.
  • Always deliver more than asked, surprise your customer.
  • Down work time on called - work a next big project after immediate success or failure.
  • Love your family - take care of them.
  • Innovate and sell services perpetually.
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  • To write something you research from all resources and then aggregate and present.
  • Learn how great people deal with people.
  • Book grows - write a chapter.
  • Things just start stacking up.

Some productivity tips

Some productivity tips like :

1) Follow Pomodoro Technique

2) Delete all duplicate documents from your computer - using DupeGuru

3) Learn to tie Ian Knot ( for Men )

4) Get the Premium Account of Evernote right away!

Give your best ink whatever you do.

Give your best ink whatever you do.