Gaurang's Thoughts

Observation: Google Chrome removes Advertisements from webpages on its own

Browsers are getting more focused on optimisations and are finding every single avenues where efficiency can be achieved.

Since I am using Google Ads on my other website, and there are multiple ad blocks, somehow one of the ad block was using too many resources so Chrome removed it on its own. Quite interesting!

About communicating your skills

If you are skilled/ you know things but you aren't able to communicate it, you are no better than someone who's unskilled/ doesn't know it. 

Own it, improve your communications skill.


Thoughts about career

I have observed that firms trust the capabilities of external agencies and resources more than the internal staff. 

Organisations should look inside to discover gem instead of looking out. Is that because of tendency of suffering from shining ball syndrome.


Thought about interviews - Do's and Not to do's

Interviews are a free way to test your skills - getting yourself tested for concepts by experts and in turn becomes rewarding too if you are really adept at the skills in question.

If there's a knowledge gap that is discovered, you would know about it and this is an opportunity to learn, fix the gaps, improve and in turn grow as a professional.

What you must not do during the interview:

  • Never argue with your interviewer. You would most likely get rejected.


About asking the questions to the interviewer during the end of an interview, some of my favourite questions are:

  • How's the culture of the organisation? Work Life Balance?
  • Do you enjoy your work? 
  • What would be the Career progression opportunities in the firm/ What will be my Career path in the firm?



When asked about your strengths, what will you say during an interview?

Your interviewer may ask you about your strengths, for which you may think over and name a few.

Here's my preferred strengths which I say:

  • I have the ability to learn fast.
  • I constantly learn new things.
  • I don't waste time.
  • I put in my maximum efforts on the task in hand.