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how to destroy your resources optimally?

I have been pondering on this topic for a while and here is what I have came up with.

One of the best ways to optimally sub-optimize the efficiency of a resource is to fuelling them in a suboptimal way.

Suppose there is a driver who is an expert F1 racer. So we can infer that :-
1. Driver is a skilled Drive.
2. The driver is used to of F1 Cars.

Now, if you will hire that driver for races, then obviously he will be a good bet since the driver is trained to do so, is expert in the domain and usage of the tool driver uses ( F1 car in this case ).

What if the F1 driver is given a Maruti 800 for racing. Will he be able to be victorious in the F1 race ?
Certainly not ! So what's the bottleneck which is preventing him to win the Race ?
- Biggest of all, the Car.

Even though the driver is skilled enough, Driver doesn’t have right means / tools to achieve the goal.

Similarly, when employees aren't given right tools for the job, the situation leads to frustration from both sides as the employer has got expectations which are unrealistic ( choosing wrong resources for the employee ) & employee, the driver — who will perhaps start doubting her own skills.

One more example to explain this better :

Aircraft’s engines are ultra sophisticated and single particle of dust in gasoline can lead to engine fires.
Therefore, Aircraft uses premium gasoline which are extremely clean and got has very low boiling point.
While Cars have got comparatively lesser sophisticated engines ( not counting premium cars like BMW, AUDI, etc.) which will work fine even with not so premium gasoline.
Try replacing Aircraft’s gasoline with the Car's one and soon you will realize how disastrous the results would be.

Therefore, equip your resources with optimal tools so that their productivity is never resource-constrained.

inspiration #1

miseries may last longer than you incepted, but they do disappear sooner or later by sheer hard work. do that, do that for yourself. inspired by #pursuitofhappyness

My feedback to Apple for "Discrete Graphics Card issue with 2011 Apple MacBook Pro"

Here it goes


I am an avid Apple user and has been using my MacBook Pro since 2011.
After almost 3 years, this machine is absolutely unusable. All thanks to this Graphics card issue which happens to be common among all the 2011 MBP users.

When any Automobile company identifies such problem, they call back all of their product for correction, and the same way Apple should do.

Buying an Apple is a dream for people, and sometimes they invest all the money they have to purchase it.

Please show courtesy in this matter and provide discounted replacements if not absolutely free.



Let's see if I will ever receive any response.

If you are also a 2011 MacBook Pro Owner and facing the very same problem, then you can fill the petition at :

Also, there is this interesting website which covers it all :

Setting up LAMP ( Apache, Mysql, PHP ) server in Debian 6 / Debian family ( Ubuntu too )

If you are a PHP web developer then AMP ( Apache, Mysql, PHP ) server is something you have to set up in any case.

Let's learn how to set up the LAMP server in Debian 6. When you just have got a debian which is in pristine condition, even the memory footprint will be around 70 MBs.

That's how Debian is super optimised. So if you are getting yourself a VPS with 512 MB RAM, go for Debian 6 which is pretty decent.

Assuming the fact that you are logged in using super user / root , first command to shoot is:

apt-get install apache2 - this will fetch the apache2 from the repository.

in case you don't want the version being downloaded and installed, you have to update the repository database so that it includes the latest versions of the packages.

for it, you have to use following commands : apt-get update -  That command will update the database of repository apt-get install update

That command installs the updated software packages by fetching them and installing.

Now, if you want to install php5 and mysql then use following commands : apt-get install php5-mysql apt-get install mysql-server there will be need to install other php libraries as well, for that use following commands : once everything is done, use apt-get install phpmyadmin for easily managing the mysql server in GUI form which makes database administration work easier.

Configuring Apache Configuration file :

Locating the configuration file of Apache is tricky as every version / operating system has got it on different location, so good reference point is : So, now if you are having a VPS and you want to host multiple domains on it, then read following post for learning how to do it. ( It's called Name-based Virtual Host )

Learn how to host virtual hosts on debian 7 by reading :

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