Gaurang's Thoughts

my first job & boss

When your startup doesn't work multiple times , you get convinced about joining a job .

I failed multiple times , perhaps due to lack of discipline and lesser number of follow ups with prospective clients . Eventually I suffered financial problem which needed immediate attention .

In startups , cash is king and there is this golden rule of startup , never run out of cash .

I rejected 4 jobs to finally joining a educational institution , education sector being my specialization .
it took me 15 days to understand the infrastructure and have Indepth knowledge of it ( IT infrastructure & Inventory , peers ( most of them ) , IT vision about which everyone was too confuse ) .

There I got my boss , first boss . A calm ,dedicated , perfectionist person . Writing a mail and then voraciously editing it , till the mail's content becomes
crisp being one of her many quality .
A boss, not so rude , down the earth , approachable earns respect of subordinates and in case , she got whole of it .
There might be times when during auditing your small mistake can embarrass the boss and then you realize that your responsibility towards your department , and that you have to take charge of things .
That's exactly I am going to do now .