Top things to keep in mind while using email services for your Domain Name

I have been using Google Apps (the legacy one) for over 9 years now. Following are some of my learnings which can solve some headache for you if you are moving to Google Apps or any other email service. 

Selected clip screenshot on your macbook is copied to the clipboard

Whenever you take a clip screenshot on your macbook machines using the shortcut (Command + Shift + 4), the selected region is both copied to the clipboard as well as an image file is saved in the Desktop by default.

I didn't know the former part as it is useful when you want to clip a section of screen and paste it in the application, for eg: in my case it was evernote.

Indeed an important mac trick which may enhance your productivity.

Best place to save your Photos

If you want to keep thousands of photos and videos for free then the best application to store them is Google Photos.

Google photos lets you export 500 images in one go so if you are having thousands of images then it may take a lot of time to download the photos.

Understanding Facebook Reactions – Facebook likes have been made more human

Facebook is the king of social media which has over 2.45 billion active users. Being the largest platform, it is one of the best marketing channels for any product/ service provider. That is the reason why global brands take Facebook very seriously.

Recently Facebook introduced a new change in the Facebook Likes by introducing Facebook reactions such as Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry which makes them more human in terms of emotions which is expressed by humans.

Which skills will be in demand in an AI future?

According to McKinsey Global Institute, top skills which would be in demand by 2030 are Writing and Critical thinking, Technological skills like programming, training AI Systems, Social or “Soft skills.

Automation is happening across all industries and therefore demand for manual labor will reduce over time and therefore present workforce must start upskilling themselves now.

Evolution of Data Science

What is the secret sauce to go Agile?

As you might already be aware of the fact that if you are development softwares and still haven’t adopted the Agile methodology then you are in the increasing minority and you would be losing your competitive edge over the competitors who have already gone Agile.

According to a study, Agile projects have 28% more success rate than the projects employing other types of project management methodology.

So what’s the secret sauce? Right mind-set.

Why go Agile? Some thoughts around project management using Agile methodology

Since the world is going gaga about the Agile way of Project Management, let’s discuss some of the reasons why everyone is bullish about the Agile way of doing things.

Agile projects are delivered on-time because the progress is constantly tracked in form of sprints and any deviation is red-flagged in the following daily stand up meetings (DSMs).

Tableau: The journey with Tableau begins

Tableau is a kickass Data Visualisation software which is used by Small and Medium Businesses as well as large corporations like Google, Uber, etc.

Let’s start our journey of learning Tableau:

Big Idea of Tableau –

Pills are of two colors:

Blue – These represent Dimensions – They are text or range.
Dimensions – They split up the view by unique values
Green – These represent Measures which are numeric.
Aggregated to the level specified by dimensions.
Raw level of granuarlity

Latest capabilities added to Tableau 2018

Recent addition in the capabilities of Tableau are: