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Best way to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to MacBook / macOS is

If you are an iPhone user and if you take a lot of photographs and videos then surely you transfer it to your macBook. There are two ways - first through AirDrop and second through Photos app using lightening cable. Using AirDrop seems to be the most optimal way which results in lesser corruption as whenever I have tried massive amount of photos and videos using Photos app via lightening cable, it has always led to data corruption and irregularity. 

Hence, if you want to transfer the photos and videos from your iPhone to macOS perhaps choosing AirDrop is the safest and best bet. 



Bug in Google Calendar - Feature request for Google Calendar

Google shouldn’t let the main calendar rename — also dont let users delete the entire calendar. 

There is a bug in Google Calendar. By default google calendar creates a default calendar and it further allows users to change the name of it. 

Books to read

Here's a list of books that I have to read - 

  • Stories At Work: Unlock the Secret to Business Storytelling
  • Pro 
Design Patterns

  • The Art of Thinking Clearly

  • Incognito 

  • Brain That Changes Itself 

  • The Naked Conversations

  • How to Put Your Point in 30 Seconds or Less 

  • The Lean Startup 

  • On Being Certain 

  • Mindset

  • Can't Hurt Me

  • 12 Rules for Life

  • Man's Search for Meaning

  • Discipline Equals Freedom

  • Tableau books 

  • Citizens - Lawrence Lessig - Amazing Harvard presentation 

  • Having Quality cell 

  • Aaron James Draplin - great designer 

  • Mike Monteiro — amazing designer

  • Kundalini by pamdit gopi krishna

  • What Every Body is Saying" by Joe Navarro. 

  • Become a rockstar salesman 

  • Made to Stick 

  • How We Decide 

  • Predictably Irrational 

  • On Being Certain 

  • Invisible Gorilla 

  • Nudge 

  • Fascinate 

  • Don’t Believe Everything you Think 

  • Purple Cow 

  • Switch 

  • Crowdsourcing 

  • Cognitive Surplus 

  • Wikinomics 

  • The Power of Unreasonable People 

  • How Pleasure Works 

  • Predictioneers Game 

  • Expert Political Judgment 

  • Brain Rules 

  • Connected leader  

  • The Art of Selling Value by Bradley C. Skilton 

  • Art, Price and Value: Contemporary Art & the Market (English and Italian Edition) by Piroschka Dossi, Franziska Nori 

  • The Value of Art: Money, Power, Beauty [Hardcover]  

  • Steal like an artist

  • Stumbling Into Infinity: An Ordinary Man in the Sphere of Enlightenment

  • Prithviraj chauhan  -

How to delete Facebook Ad account or brand manager account?

On Facebook, you can't delete individual ad account, you have to delete whole of the brand manager account. 

Delete the business account. 

Once you schedule the Brand manager account for deletion, it can’t be accessed. All Pages, accounts and tools added to this business will return to their original owner or be deleted in 24 hours.

Why write?

Why do we write - I stumbled upon a fs article and it made me retrospect about why I write. But first, let's see what I learnt from the article (link below).

Writing is the process by which you get the clarity of what you know and what you don't. It aids the understanding aspect of what you talk about. 

Writing is a double edged sword - it enables you to share your ideas as well as improve your understanding of the topic. 

Writing makes you explorer - as you continue writing, you think in countless different ways to come up with new ideas.


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