Gaurang's Thoughts

When you take a backup, make your priority to download the backup file

At times we decide to stop using a web service, therefore, we export the personal data out of the service. If you are on the same path, when you are submitting the request for backup, for the coming hours, make it your ultimate priority to download the backup file from the service providers' portal - maybe twice if it is really important so that the data isn't lost. Most service provider keeps the backup file for a week or less so it is critical for the user to download the backup data before that.

A year back, I decided to move on from Notion and I submitted the request for a backup file. Somehow I forgot to download the backup file and few months only I realized that I had to download that. The data was gone forever. 


Lesson from Mozilla Thunderbird

One of the major lessons that I have learned from using Mozilla Thunderbird is to never undo any action done in Mozilla Thunderbird. Mainly when you are moving emails from one account to another. You most likely would lose your previous emails. 

Macbook not working, what you should do when your MacBook has gone bad?

Digital devices get bad very randomly. So does Macbook, be it Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, like any other digital device they also have tendancy to go bad. So what you should do if your machine isn't working the way it used to? 

Following are some thoughts - 

  • If your MacBook is covered under warranty, head straight to the Apple support centre as they are the safest bet for fixing all hardware related issues. 
  • If you still have some warranty left, get your AppleCare package to later get your macbook get fixed from Apple support centre. I got my AppleCare months after purchasing my macbook which extended my warranty cover to 3 years. I had major issue in my macbook in Year 3 and if I wouldn't have a cover, it would have costed me INR 50K to get it fixed. I didn't pay a dime for getting my macbook fixed and I am proud of myself for that.
  • If your Apple macbook has gone out of warranty, then if it seems to be a hardware issue 
    • You can google nearby unofficial Service Centres which have high rating. Go through all the reviews to get a sense of if those are legitimate or if someone has faced a similar issue.
    • If you have build some trust on an unofficial service centre, definitely sign on each component of your macbook before handing them - draw a sign on your RAM, hard disk, cables, most importantly, the motherboard which can be swapped easily by the vendor which is not very ethical.
    • Showing your device to Apple Support center may include some upfront cost - do so if you want to be absolutely certain that it is a hardware issue. If the quote provided by them is affordable, go with them, if not, maybe go with any of the unofficial centre for which you have developed some trust.
  • Before all of that, do a lot of google - to understand what kind of issue the machine has developed. Search for the same model type and the symptoms being observed by you - check the youtube issues. It is very less likely that no one else in the world has faced an issue similar to yours. So do a lot of googling - if you think of opening up the backcover of your macbook, do so with utmost care, never touch the circuitry as it may lead to failure of some components and would complicate the process of fixing your device further. 

These were some thoughts from my experience of using MacBook Pro for 12 years. 

How to keep a track of Google Search Engine Updates for efficient SEO?

Google has released a press page which has all the information about recent updates in their algorithms-

How to be a great professional?

  • Own your mistake - Owning your mistake can make you a great professional. If you commit a mistake, own it. Sure there could be a temporary setback, but if you will practice this, you would gain the trust of your peers.