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Why you should Watermark your videos while sharing on Video streaming platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo?

If you are running your YouTube Channel or having digital identities, it is important to improtect your content/ digital assets from getting copied. It takes few hours to dozens or even hundreds of hours to produce something good and is copied in matter of minutes by others. Moreover, it might so happen that your original content would receive less views or engagement than the one who copies it -- everyone must have seen this happening with a lot of posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and that could be demotivating for original creators.

How to delete Facebook Ad account or brand manager account?

On Facebook, you can't delete individual ad account, you have to delete whole of the brand manager account. 

Delete the business account. 

Once you schedule the Brand manager account for deletion, it can’t be accessed. All Pages, accounts and tools added to this business will return to their original owner or be deleted in 24 hours.

Top 10 ways to get traffic to your personal / business website

A website is no good if it doesn’t get traffic. Structure your website well and fill it with infomration that will add value to your audience. That would ensure that audience will visit the webpage, consume the content and take the required action - it could be opting for your services, buying products that you are recommending. Without marketing your website, it’s a waste of assets, considering getting a website is time and capital intensive activity. 

Best practices for content marketing

  • Every piece of content should be thoughtful and should be part of your overall distribution and long term goals else you will suffer from burn out as most likely you won't be reaching anywhere.
  • Repurpose your content often with some value add in each iteration. If your content hasn't reached a substantial audience then you must continue to iterate and share as much as possible. Implement any feedback received to polish the content further.

Important days for Marketing professionals (Digital Marketing - Social Media)

Important days for Social media professionals - 

  • Earth Day - 23 March

What is Adobe Analytics, how Adobe Analytics is better than Google Analytics and why to use it for measuring your website's analytics?

Curious about Adobe Analytics and why it is one of the hidden weapon in the marketing arsenal of the mega enterprises? Because Adobe Analytics is massively powerful and only few web analytics tool can compare.

Let's start with basics. What's Adobe Analytics? 



Data Integration from Point of Sale, CRM data to find hidden patterns through user behavior and user journey, and which activity has contributed to the bottomline. 

Adobe Analytics enables stakeholders in making decisions based on right insights. 

Email strategy for your organization

E-mails are the soul of communication for any corporate. Therefore, it is important to set up prudently thinking of any eventualities of risk aspects. Email security is paramount for any business.

1. Always create emails of your people instead of having generic names. 

What are the lengths of Reels format on various social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok?

Reels are short vertical video format which is a great way to reach to target Gen Z audience. Various platforms have different features embedded to them.

On Instagram, reels are extremely popular way to reach out to millions of potential users and you can add custom music, stickers, labels and so much more. Instagram offers huge number of options and is most evolved of all.

Duration of a YouTube short video is 90 seconds.

Understanding LinkedIn Reactions - Express yourself more accurately on LinkedIn

Humans are expressive by nature and always need a tool to express their expressions as much as accurately as possible. Social Media platforms have understood it well.

Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target - Some observations and learnings

  What is personalisation? How to start plan your roadmap?
Tailored experience
What marketing wants to offer 
Talilor the content as per the audience
Different implementation techniques.
Tailored offer content for every audience type - Examples - How it is happening
Retaul websites (34%)
Personalised Techniques
Direct impact on R 0 more inclined to buy thiungs 
Personalised strategy
Prereq - WHo's our user