A Soul looking out for one's mentor

We , human beings are most intelligent animals as we possess multiple intelligence.
Intelligence has become a cliche now , it's what we do with our abilities , that gets count .
Everyone one of us seeks a mentor who can show us the path of wisdom . A mentor acts as a guide , path shower , who doesn't gives up on his disciple . Having Mentor is a necessity whose importance can't be undermined .

In India , there are thousands of students who wants to make their parents proud but many of them are struggling with unemployment because of lack of guidance & employable skills . Not everyone is a self-learner , those who are , they are already in best places while those who don't have one , they have to continuously struggling .

But saddening fact is that ,not everyone is fortunate to have mentor . So , they struggle , they struggle till they fail or win in achieving something and eventually they earn the experience which will mentor themselves in coming years of life .

In this Information Era , the fact that how much information you can attain , retain , produce results from it encompasses ( determines ) your success . With Internet , speed of this process expedited phenomenally .
YouTube , BlogSpot / Wordpress like services have helped thousands to reach out to millions of self-learners who are passionate about their hobby , thanks to which , anyone can literally learn anything they strongly desire for by following their blogs / watching videos .
Every skill requires efforts to put on relentlessly , that's what refines the skill , isolates the genius from the noise . Like gold has to undergo several processes of refineness , so does anything . Brilliance requires efforts .

Mentor sees his student as a seed , which will throughout the journey of training , will blossom into a beautiful flower , a kind of master piece , totally complementing him . This is the moment for which mentor awaits vehemently . Sometimes mentors blush , sometimes they smile , sometimes they shed tears of happiness .

Beautiful , the world is .

Youtube Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gde07pAO7sI
Entry for : Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

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