Social Media Insights

What are the lengths of Reels format on various social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok?

Reels are short vertical video format which is a great way to reach to target Gen Z audience. Various platforms have different features embedded to them.

On Instagram, reels are extremely popular way to reach out to millions of potential users and you can add custom music, stickers, labels and so much more. Instagram offers huge number of options and is most evolved of all.

Duration of a YouTube short video is 90 seconds.

Understanding LinkedIn Reactions - Express yourself more accurately on LinkedIn

Humans are expressive by nature and always need a tool to express their expressions as much as accurately as possible. Social Media platforms have understood it well.

Recommendations for Social Media Image sizes - 2021 Edition

Social media platform keeps on changing the optimal media sizes for their platforms and it is prudent for social media marketers to stay updated with the changes. I have been researching the optimal asset sizes for my social media accounts, sharing the research with you all. I will be including the assets and the live posts to compare and test the results by yourself should you need to do it.

Social Media Insights - How much time does Twitter take to refresh the Twitter OG Card Image?

Ever wondered about how much time does Twitter take to refresh the Twitter OG Card Image? The answer is anywhere from 5-10 minutes is what Twitter takes so refresh the tweet after 4-5 minutes and you will find the social card image updated.