How is plagiarism checked in assignments / official documents / proposals / content writing?

In the field of writing or anything about content writing at all, plagiarism is an important threat which is checked for.

Whether it is writing assignments, answering to question papers in the field of studies or preparing official documents, proposals, it becomes critically important to have plagiarism free content. 

So how does plagiarism works?

In the field of academics, first of all university / examiner needs all the sample set of data to compare ( which means searchable content on search engines and online books + content of assignments/ answer sheets of all students ) and then it compares with the assignment of the student which gets checked.

The percentage of similarity of different phrases is calculated and if the similarity is above 40-70% then it becomes a Copy Case. 

So to be on safer side, always rewrite the content in your words and give examples. If you will do that honestly, there are minimal chances that you will end up in becoming a copy case as everyone writes in an unique manner and sentence structure differs from person to person, so does the thought process. 

Same principle applies in official documents as well. Never try to copy paste word to word. 

Instead rewrite the main thoughts in your words and give context / examples to make it an understandable content. 

If you want to check plagiarism of your content, then visit following websites which are used by thousands:

Since single source cannot possibly index all the searchable content on entire planet, their accuracy would be limited to the size of database they have so it's better than you try 2-3 of them.

And if you want to be absolutely sure about not getting stuck in the case of plagiarism, then write/ rewrite the content by yourself.

Post your comments below if you have any queries about Plagiarism.

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