Latest capabilities added to Tableau 2018

Recent addition in the capabilities of Tableau are: Interesting – how to use TAB in unimaginable way Intelligence, AI, Self-service DAta culture building Data – to everyone across all departments Server – research monitoring tool Prateek J. – ID Admin (trust in product) Push notifications How users look into dashboards- how to make them interesting How to design better Being customer product Danielle from Nissan – Visualising the bright futrue Ask data – incremental improvement in calculations which are built-in. Changes in the metrics – New engine in mobile devices Analytics with Python Tableau – Data Science process How things work – External services – what can be done to make it happen What is , what is , what might happen – in a graph – linear – in that order. TabPy – Tableau with Python Python’s strengths Stats & ML Productise predictive modeling more expressive power Tableau – Data connectivity explore at speed of thought itnereactive story telling Predict a quantity – regression category – classification group similar behavior – clustering improve on data astructure – dimensionality training the models – 95% is easy – 5% – can make you go crazy – how to ask questions understanding how it works LOD value as techniques – use cases show us – if we are giving too high discount setting thresholds in the visualisations Important concept – proportional brushing which refers to comparing subset of data to the total data we have.


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