What is the secret sauce to go Agile?

As you might already be aware of the fact that if you are development softwares and still haven’t adopted the Agile methodology then you are in the increasing minority and you would be losing your competitive edge over the competitors who have already gone Agile.

According to a study, Agile projects have 28% more success rate than the projects employing other types of project management methodology.

So what’s the secret sauce? Right mind-set.

Agile will bring in a lot of new processes which are to be followed with right mind-set by all of the stakeholders, be it developers or the QAs or even the product owners (convential project managers with a twist).

So how does Agile work?

It is an iterative process where development cycle is divided into pieces called sprints. Moreover with every sprint the quality improves because of the feedback received/ reviews done in the last sprint so there is continuous improvement with every sprint.

Agile project management focuses more on effective communication than reckless countless communication done through meetings and long email chains.

Agile prefers more face to face communication so if the meeting can quickly be done in few minutes to communicate same thing which couples of emails would take then prefer F2F meetings over e-mails.

Conversation between humans takes the precedence over the processes and tools.


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