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Increasing Productivity - Getting rid of clutter

With 2 mail accounts , with subscriptions of various services like twitter ,facebook, etc.
Problem started when frequency of receiving e-mails increased , along with my utter reluctance to delete them periodically . eventually my inbox have become massive giant of clutter . looking at them was annoying and shear waste of time .
Along with about 80,000 unread mails , i had over 1,00,000 files i hoarded in 4 files from internet - in a hope that i will finish reading them during my duration but ended up finishing only 100 of them.

I have spent 100s of hours in categorising each of them and it was pure waste of time , money , and other important things .

So how to get rid of the mess ?

What I did was :
(i) Creating different e-mail ids for 3 major groups -
i. Family & Friends
ii. Business
iii. Everything else

(ii) Unsubscribe from all unimportant services :
i. Facebook sends so many notifications via e-mail which is annoying . Unsubscribe them .
Same goes with Twitter.
ii. Unsubscribe from rest of the unimportant services .
At bottom of every marketing e-mail you will see "Unsubscribe* link , click it , it will take you to Unsubscribing option .
Complete the process .

(iii). Install a e-mail client : Thunderbird - Awesome , Free E-mail client available for all major Operating System Families : Linux , Windows , Mac
Log in using your e-mail account's credentials .
If you use Gmail services , your settings will be automatically detected .
Sort the emails according to the sender,
Delete the e-mails in bulk by selecting specific sender like Facebook .

A Soul looking out for one's mentor

We , human beings are most intelligent animals as we possess multiple intelligence.
Intelligence has become a cliche now , it's what we do with our abilities , that gets count .
Everyone one of us seeks a mentor who can show us the path of wisdom . A mentor acts as a guide , path shower , who doesn't gives up on his disciple . Having Mentor is a necessity whose importance can't be undermined .

In India , there are thousands of students who wants to make their parents proud but many of them are struggling with unemployment because of lack of guidance & employable skills . Not everyone is a self-learner , those who are , they are already in best places while those who don't have one , they have to continuously struggling .

But saddening fact is that ,not everyone is fortunate to have mentor . So , they struggle , they struggle till they fail or win in achieving something and eventually they earn the experience which will mentor themselves in coming years of life .

In this Information Era , the fact that how much information you can attain , retain , produce results from it encompasses ( determines ) your success . With Internet , speed of this process expedited phenomenally .
YouTube , BlogSpot / Wordpress like services have helped thousands to reach out to millions of self-learners who are passionate about their hobby , thanks to which , anyone can literally learn anything they strongly desire for by following their blogs / watching videos .
Every skill requires efforts to put on relentlessly , that's what refines the skill , isolates the genius from the noise . Like gold has to undergo several processes of refineness , so does anything . Brilliance requires efforts .

Mentor sees his student as a seed , which will throughout the journey of training , will blossom into a beautiful flower , a kind of master piece , totally complementing him . This is the moment for which mentor awaits vehemently . Sometimes mentors blush , sometimes they smile , sometimes they shed tears of happiness .

Beautiful , the world is .

Youtube Video :
Entry for : Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

My Alma Mater - JIVA

I have studied in different schools and college(s) but the one school which connected with my soul was "JIVA" formerly abbreviated as Jiva Institute of Vidya Academy , an joint initiative by Sh. Rishi Pal Chauhan , the Chairman of JIVA , Sh. Steven Rudolph , one of the well known American-Indian Educationist , Education Director of JIVA .

Although I studied there till 6th Standard , JIVA gave me the identity , helped me to mature , to grow rapidly . Since childhood , I was fascinated by Universe / Space , and it provided me every kind of resource to live my fascinating life . With a Mac Lab , ISBN Internet Leased Line all sponsored by Apple & Intel , our school was way ahead than any other school in India during that the decade1994-2004 .

A ICSE affiliated school , with experiential learning at its core , JIVA developed its own curriculum called ICOT - India's Curriculum of Tomorrow , which was launched by the Lt. Sh. Shammi Kapoor on a rainy night in 2002 .
Interestingly ICOT is followed by hundreds of schools in India , and Jiva's Computer Books are suggested ICT books in many schools .

And what reminded me of JIVA again ?
This link ->

Memories are vivid and sense of attachment with JIVA is as lively as it used to be .

my first job & boss

When your startup doesn't work multiple times , you get convinced about joining a job .

I failed multiple times , perhaps due to lack of discipline and lesser number of follow ups with prospective clients . Eventually I suffered financial problem which needed immediate attention .

In startups , cash is king and there is this golden rule of startup , never run out of cash .

I rejected 4 jobs to finally joining a educational institution , education sector being my specialization .
it took me 15 days to understand the infrastructure and have Indepth knowledge of it ( IT infrastructure & Inventory , peers ( most of them ) , IT vision about which everyone was too confuse ) .

There I got my boss , first boss . A calm ,dedicated , perfectionist person . Writing a mail and then voraciously editing it , till the mail's content becomes
crisp being one of her many quality .
A boss, not so rude , down the earth , approachable earns respect of subordinates and in case , she got whole of it .
There might be times when during auditing your small mistake can embarrass the boss and then you realize that your responsibility towards your department , and that you have to take charge of things .
That's exactly I am going to do now .


Getting out of Debt - Inspired by a discussion between professors of Imperial College , London

India and United Kingdom had a history. Not the pleasant one, but whatever we had with them, it left us with knowledge, infrastructure, lesser geographical area and unpleasant experience (for many). But exactly how did Britishers managed to rule was, showed how vulnerable we were. All the vulnerabilities were exploited to the extent that, greatest devastation / massacre happened during rule. But since Britishers managed to rule major part of the world at some point of time, there isn't any doubt about their patriotism (which we Indians lack) and intelligence (their strategic victories explains this very well), their historical documentation is rich, and their rich economy thanks to perpetual invasion and transfer of wealth. There were times when even United Kingdom was under debt (most countries are deeply in debt which eventually makes them fulfil demands of the lending countries). India is said to be under debt of about 150 Billion USD, which happens to be about over 15% of our GDP.

So what are the ways by which India's economy can be stabilised, level of debts be decreased so as to empower Indian economy? I was listening to an interview of a professor of Imperial College , London . He explains how Great Britain managed to get out of debt, what historial events impacted the growth of UK's economy . To be continued ..