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Top ways to not waste your hard earned money

As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. On day to day basis, we make multiple transactions and quite a few times they lead to some kind of loss. It can be because of our bad luck/ bad memory/ not having right systems in place. 

Here, in this never ending blog post, I will try to collate all the possible mistakes that I had committed in the past which can be used as reference for you to not repeat the mistakes that I made. So bookmark this page and keep on coming back in every alternate days.

Let's start the list of never ending mistakes:

  • Paying education fees through the Credit Card - In India, if you pay Education fees by credit card, it may cost you upto 2% transaction fees by the payment gateway. You may think that it's fine, I will get points for the transaction and hence the transaction fees would be compensated for that. But many credit cards don't reward you for making education fees. Since education fees are often a large sum, the 2% markup can amount to a huge sum. You could save that 2% by paying directly through the bank transfer.
  • Purchasing products through EMI - In India, recently many credit cards issuing banks have started charging EMI conversion fees which amounts to INR 199 + taxes. Therefore, if you were relying on interest free EMIs then the overall savings/ affordability would be reduced by ~INR 200. Therefore, if you are purchasing a product which had interest fee component of less than INR 1000, it won't much sense to convert the transaction into an interest free EMI, however, if the total interest free component would be in multiples of thousands, then perhaps the EMI conversion charges won't pinch that much. My SBI, Axis and HDFC credit cards are charging this fee. 

4 Key Reasons why the world is turning into an unhappier place -

1. Very high cost of maintaining a 'happy lifestyle'. Whether or not you have money in the bank, you are forcing yourself to buy that iPhone, travel to that destination, party every weekend and do a lot more, just in order to look happy, and therefore hoping to be happy. 
2. It is an increasingly lonely world. The irony is that we are the largest number of humans there have ever been on this planet, yet we find ourselves and our surroundings lonelier than before. That's because we are all 'busy', live 'far', stay 'apart', interact 'socially', leaving little time for real intimacy. 
3. Careers are unstable. Once upon a time getting a job or starting a business meant that there is one lesser thing to worry about for the next 20 years. Now there is no absolute surety about the next two too. We keep seeking stability, but it increasingly evades humans. 
4. Peak Jealousy. Humans have been jealous forever, but never was the very causing factor of jealousy right in your face, all day. The more we spend time on social media, the more we fall prey to get influenced by what the world around us is doing. 

My experience with macOS Big Sur

My experience with macOS Big Sur


Indeed a great operating system but it has its own set of flaws. the most important one is the issue with QuickTime player. If you are recording screen for longer period of duration, then the files recorded may get corrupted because of possible memory constraints. 


One thing that I liked about QuickTime Player is that it auto saves the recording file but when it gets corrupted, it won’t play significant part of the video which is a shame. 

Work life - missing the mentor/ boss - do you>

After leaving a firm, do you miss your boss/ manager?


A good manager can make you shine — mentors you, brings best of you.


For me it was DB — looking forward to working again with my ex-boss